netnuvem believes that it's not a zero-sum game (i.e. either public or on-prem cloud), instead it will be more about hybrid clouds (i.e. mix of public or on-prem cloud work loads). Keeping this vision in mind, netnuvem helped Cisco launch, Cloud Rotation Program. which is all about building on-prem clouds and moving workloads between public and on-prem clouds!
In addition to Cisco Nexus & ACI PDIO, netnuvem has a laser focus around Cisco NX-OS & ACI Programmability APIs, Toolkit and SDKs. We have been part of Cisco ACI Partner Rotation Program and contributed to ACI GitHub repository. Being ahead of the curve, netnuvem is among the top 5 Partners who helps Cisco launches “Cisco ACI App Center”. For details please read following post.
netnuvem live and breathe cross-architecture multi-vendor and open-source SDNFV products and technologies. We developed and delivered a multi-module Next-gen Baseline Skills Enablement Training Series for Cisco Advanced Services (AS). This training series is recommended for all Cisco AS Network Engineers & Architects (i.e. supporting any architecture or technology). We feel this training series is a “table-stakes” for any Network Engineering organization. For details please read following post.
netnuvem is in the forefront of providing DevOps & Automation Services. We are proud to announce being a DevOps contest winner at Partner DevOps Forum, CiscoLive Las Vegas, 2016. For details please read the following article.
netnuvem co-sponsor/hosts Partner event attended by over 50 Partners. We had a welcome booth at the event which featured our services and visited by most of attendees. For details please read following post.